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Ann Summers x Fat Tony

I'm excited to share my experience as an Assistant Choreographer on the Ann Summers x Fat Tony ad campaign, working under the direction of Phil Birchall.

The campaign aimed to showcase Ann Summers' bold and empowering lingerie collection, and we wanted to create a choreography that perfectly captured the essence of the brand. We worked closely with the dancers to develop a routine that was both sensual and fierce, highlighting the beauty and strength of women.

As we went through the creative process, it was clear that we were working with a highly professional and dedicated team. The production crew and the dancers brought their A-game to every rehearsal and shoot, and it was inspiring to see everyone working towards the same goal.

On set, the energy was electric as we brought the choreography to life. The dancers were fierce and confident, embodying the message of the campaign in every move. It was truly a collaborative effort, with everyone working together to make the ad campaign a success.

Overall, working as an Assistant Choreographer on the Ann Summers x Fat Tony ad campaign was an amazing experience. It was a privilege to work with such talented professionals and to be part of a campaign that empowers women to feel confident and sexy. I'm grateful for the opportunity, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this incredible brand.


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