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Proud Embankment - Dirty Dancer

Opening 7th April 2023 Are you ready for a dynamic re-imagining of a story of love, passion and dancing?

Gaze with glee as we rejuvenate the a story on stage with fresh choreography, and a wild and sexy cabaret twist. Expect outrageous choreography, emotive dramatic performances, acrobats, aerialists, firebreathers and so much more! You won't find a show like this on the West End - or anywhere else. We're reinventing the romantic musical and elevating it at Proud's Dirty Dancer Cabaret Show.

Our smash performance tells of the forbidden love between two independent spirits that defy the odds and come together through the Universal language of Dancing. Watch our all-star cast take Dancing to the next level and create a theatrical cabaret experience exploding with heart pounding music, dramatic performances with breathtaking emotion, and of course - sensationally sexy dancing. All acompanied with astounding performances from the world’s premier burlesque and cabaret acts.


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