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Another Heart - Ilira

What a joy to have been a part of the creative team for the music video "Another Heart" by ILIRA, working as Assistant Choreographer to Phil Birchall.

ILIRA is a talented artist, and it was an honor to collaborate with her on this project. The song is a powerful anthem about heartbreak and moving on, and we wanted the choreography to reflect that raw emotion.

Working alongside Phil, we developed movement that showcased the strengths of ILIRA's voice and performance style. The choreography was dynamic, expressive, and emotionally charged, capturing the intensity of the song's lyrics.

The music video shoot itself was a fantastic experience, and we were fortunate to work with a talented cast and crew. The atmosphere on set was electric, and everyone brought their A-game to create something truly special.

As a choreographer, it's always rewarding to see your vision come to life, and I was thrilled with the final result. The dance sequences complemented the music perfectly, and ILIRA's performance was nothing short of stunning.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to work on "Another Heart" and to collaborate with such a talented team. It was an experience I'll never forget, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for ILIRA and the rest of the creative team.

Repost Instagram: @iliramusic VIDEO to “Another heart” is out now ! 🖤

Director/DP/Edit: @kinsellas

Assistant Director: @_frasermackenzie

Hair & Mua: @sophiemooremakeup

Choreography assistant: @sean.moon

First AC: @jamiea242

Production Assistant & Catering: @ne3d

Production assistant: @nicolasalessio


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